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Via Benefits

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About Via Benefits

CEBT offers a Post-Employment Benefits Concierge for former employees that have terminated (or are planning to terminate) from CEBT coverage. Via Benefits is a company experienced in helping evaluate and enroll in medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision coverage. Former employees will now have more options and flexibility to choose coverage that is right for them, secure long-term stability, and unlock potential for cost savings.

Here are a few of the ways Via Benefits can assist:

  • Access to online tools and resources to help understand health care coverage options once you leave CEBT coverage
  • Assistance with enrolling in and shopping for a plan that best meets an individual’s needs and budget
  • Personalized guidance by plan specialists
  • Ongoing customer support (lifetime advocacy post-enrollment)

Who is eligible?

All eligible employees who terminate (or are planning to terminate) CEBT coverage. Be on the lookout for Via Benefits informational packets after termination or proactively contact Via Benefits using the link or phone number on the right side of this page.

What is the cost?

This service is no cost to employers or former employees.

How do former employees enroll?

Former employees are not required to utilize this service and enrollment is not automatic. Individuals will receive information about Via Benefits via mail, but will need to contact Via Benefits if they are interested and want to enroll.

How long does enrollment take?

Most people are able to complete their enrollment in one call, and most calls average slightly more than one hour. Calls may be shorter if a personal profile is completed in advance. They will receive an enrollment guide that will give information on the online tools available through Via Benefits.

What plans will be offered?

The plans offered will include Pre-65 plans from the individual marketplace as well as Post-65 Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplemental plans.